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Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume by Royal Hawaiian

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Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume by Royal Hawaiian

"Spontaneous and unique..."

Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume is uniquely modern and somewhat unisex in its intensity. This statement fragrance will get you noticed. It is slightly sweeter and warmer making it much softer in comparison to traditional unisex perfumes. Hibiscus pulls some cooler notes on cooler days but becomes a much warmer scent with the body heat.

Keep in mind that this is not the Wicked Wahine Original scent but its very unusual interpretation that is embracing a fast-paced, very contemporary world of busy, fearless women. It is Wicked Wahine Hibiscus, the new generation of extraordinary Hawaiian fragrances, reimagined.

This perfume concentration is stronger than cologne. A little goes a long way.
  • Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume by Royal Hawaiian
  • "A mischievous combination of the fresh, exotic Hibiscus blossom, infused with sweet fruits, candied almonds, and soothing vanilla and amber... A fresh and unique combination for the playfully, spontaneous woman."
  • "Timeless and inviting, like the moon over a white sandy beach, Wicked Wahine fragrance has captivated women around the world since 1968."
  • Concentrated Parfum.
  • Manufacturer: Royal Hawaiian Perfumes
  • 100% genuine Royal Hawaiian fragrance
  • Made in Hawaii.
  • Net Weight: 3 fl. oz. (89 ml)
  • Item #: p90508
  • Regular Price: $29.00
  • Aloha Price: $27.90
Fragrance Notes: Hibiscus blossoms, sweet fruits, candied almonds, vanilla and amber.

Wicked Wahine Hibiscus fragrance is perfect for a night time wear or for a business meeting where you want to make a lasting impression of feminine confidence and professional reliability. Perfume gives you that little touch of something undetectable that stays in a person's memory for a very long time. And Wicked Wahine Hibiscus is definitely in that category of scents that continue to last in our imagination long after we forget most details of what someone looked like.

Wicked Wahine Hibiscus is slightly more intense and muskier if compared to Wicked Wahine Rose Perfume and leans towards unisex category ever so slightly. Wicked Wahine Original is also an intense fragrance but has no unisex, muskier qualities to it. Wicked Wahine Original Perfume fits right between the Rose and Hibiscus on a scale from the lightest to most intense with the Wicked Wahine Rose being the lightest and most romantic scent for a daytime wear and the Wicked Wahine Hibiscus being the most complicated and totally appropriate for a business presentation and night time wear.

Wicked Wahine Original appears as an unbelievable merge of these two very different scents but does not seem to have that hint of coolness that Hibiscus tends to pull on cool nights in lower temperatures. Depending on your surrounding, it might be actually difficult to tell which fragrance is cooler and which one is warmer as they change slightly when your skin heats up. With a/c, Hibiscus may appear cooler while Rose becomes warmer and sweeter and vice versa when you hit Hawaiian outdoors. All three scents really grow on you with use when you continue discovering new notes in them depending on your mood and time of the day.

Also Available: We also offer a Set of Two Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfumes with free standard shipping in U.S. (item p90503-2s series only, select "2 Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfumes" from the menu on that page).

Order Processing Time: Waitlist ships in three weeks (July update).

Wicked Wahine Hibiscus Perfume by Royal Hawaiian
p90508(Regular Price): $29.00Aloha Price: $27.90

Make Your Own Hibiscus Body Lotion

How to make your own Wicked Wahine Hibiscus body lotion for layering with your Hibiscus perfume or using at night?

Take any new unscented or slightly scented body lotion you have and take off the cap. Be sure that you like the lotion on its own before you start mixing. Carefully spray the perfume a few times directly into the bottle opening of the lotion holding the sprayer away from your face and keeping it almost inside the bottle if possible. Close the bottle, shake a couple times and roll the bottle on a flat surface multiple times (avoid shaking too vigorously as it may destroy fragrance molecules). Or, mix everything with a clean spoon or small spatula immediately and keep the bottle or jar tightly closed. Let it set for a few hours. Your very own interpretation of Wicked Wahine Hibiscus body lotion is ready for you to use and enjoy.

The fragrance you create may be very interesting depending on what scent your body lotion had originally if any. Of course, this is an overly simplified way to make a body lotion that is usually a much more complicated process involving a lot of testing and mixing, trial and error.

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