Tropical Breeze Cologne by Island Bath & Body

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Tropical Breeze Cologne by Island Bath & Body

Finally, a mesmerizing fragrance for a man. Not your usual sharp or intense men's cologne. We would classify this scent as unisex that runs closer to a lighter side of the spectrum. It will work great for a man that wants to turn heads, in a good way. At the same time, it will be perfect for a business lady giving her an edge and a power she craves.

"Tropical Breeze is a refreshing, clean fragrance reminiscent of a light cool breeze from an island paradise. The scent of a cool, clear ocean infused with fresh island blossoms." (Official description).

It's rather subtle yet musky and woody with a definite masculinity and a strong opening note. It has a distinct Maile lei note. A lush, green and glossy Maile lei is worn by men for big milestone celebrations and island weddings. The island scent is artfully combined with just a hint of wintery balsamic note and somehow reminded us of both winter holidays, sail boats and palm trees. There is a very unusual note that is possibly attributed to a hint of tropical flowers, possibly a touch of Plumeria that is totally acceptable for a man in Hawaii to wear due to an ancient flower lei tradition. It is difficult to decipher until the dry-down stage. After four hours, this amazing cologne becomes much softer, warmer and cozier while the scent still lingers a little (tested on a female). You might have a slightly different experience depending on your skin chemistry.

Tropical Breeze Cologne is described as a cool scent but, in our opinion, it is almost in the middle between a warm and a cool fragrance category. Worn by a female in a warm climate, it appears warmer. Man's skin makes it slightly cooler in the beginning warming up eventually. This scent may require at least a few uses to truly appreciate its complexity in different temperatures, with or without physical activities.

We predict that this cologne will be great for a day wear even in the warmest weather and will not offend most people in an office setting or elevator, for example.
  • Island Bath & Body Tropical Breeze Cologne
  • Medium intensity.
  • Contemporary.
  • "A revitalizing woody top note is accompanied by gentle floral accents for a robust scent."
  • We could easily see this scent as a special occasion fragrance.
  • Sophisticated, classy, deluxe and somewhat wild like a tropical wind or a jungle itself, yet safe and comforting.
  • It is certainly not a "loud" or too-much-to-handle scent and should not overwhelm most people.
  • We sense a seductive, warm note on a dry-down that envelopes you and makes you want a hug if you come close enough to smell it on one's skin.
  • From a communication distance, it's an aura of some unexplained comfort and security that each of us is looking for in each other.
  • From an office standpoint, this cologne projects a degree of trust and confidence that may help you draw in business and make life-long connections as long as you have good values and ethics.
  • Contains 12% of concentrated fragrance.
  • Recommended for either men or women.
  • Comes in a gorgeous square glass bottle with silver-tone cap and spray pump.
  • Packaged into beautifully designed carton box.
  • Manufacturer: Island Bath & Body
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Net Weight: 3 fl. oz. (88 ml)
  • Item #: P390980
  • Regular Price: $25.00
  • Aloha Price: $18.90

While being distinct on its own, the scent of the Tropical Breeze Cologne (one spritz) would not clash with most other scented products you might be wearing at the same time. Ladies may want to experiment layering Tropical Breeze over Hawaiian scented or floral lotions for an even more interesting twist.

A good-looking, rather mature and by all means stable sail boat captain with a genuine smile and a sense of wisdom is an image that comes to mind with this cologne.

If you are looking for a way to improve your self-confidence in an almost effortless way, this fragrance might help influencing you on a subconscious level.

Comes with Hawai'i post card. Please enter a gift message in the Comments field during checkout.

Order Processing Time: Ships in three weeks (August update).

Tropical Breeze Cologne by Island Bath & Body
P390980(Regular Price): $25.00Aloha Price: $18.90

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