Rain - 100% Perfume Essence or Cologne by Terra Nova

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Rain - 100% Perfume Essence by Terra Nova

"Universally loved, Rain becomes an exquisitely personal interpretation on the skin. This sparkling scent is treasured for its beautiful aroma and fresh, clean simplicity."
  • Rain Perfume Essence by Terra Nova - 100% Parfum
  • Alcohol-free, this purest form of fragrance imparts long-lasting aroma for a soft and sensuous aura.
  • Highly concentrated luxury fragrance for Goddess in you.
  • Uniquely fresh, clean, comforting and striking exotic scent that evokes your inner power and passion for life.
  • Rain delivers shimmering after-rain sensation of tropical jungle.
  • This incredibly pleasant, gently sweet and graceful fragrance with a light touch of mysterious musk will keep the heads turning.
  • Healthy and natural.
  • Perfume Notes: green clover, lily of the valley and sheer musk
  • Ingredients: precious perfume oils
  • Absence of alcohol allows you enjoy passionate & gorgeous fragrance for approximately eight hours with only one touch on your wrist, behind your neck, behind your ears or right under your knee (the key rule is to apply it on a pulse point).
  • Elegant glass rollerball bottle with a secure silvertone cap and a beautiful floral design.
  • Comes in elegant perfume box with blue pattern.
  • Net Weight: 0.3 fl.oz. perfume essence (or 1.65 fl. oz./50 ml cologne)
  • Manufacturer: Terra Nova
  • Genuine, fresh Terra Nova product, guaranteed (we are one of a few officially authorized retailers for Terra Nova's high-end luxury line)
  • Regular Price: $20.00 ($25.00 retail value)
  • Aloha Price: $15.00 ($33 for 1.65 oz. cologne mist or $7 for 2.25 oz. body lotion, select below)
"Rain TM is a crystalline scent derived from nature itself. Its notes of green clover, lily of the valley and sheer musk create a sense of fresh, renewing clarity."

Highly desirable gift for anyone on your list.
For a fragrant bath lover, add a couple of drops into your hot tub and indulge into sensational luxury of unforgettable sensual spa and naturally soothing botanical ingredients. You may also mix a few drops of Terra Nova Perfume Essence with you favorite body moisturizer for a long-lasting, complimenting veil of fragrance.

Pure luxury perfumes by Terra Nova, renown manufacturer of natural bath & body products.

Gift wrapped. Comes with Hawai'i post card and your gift message.

Note: The pictured new design of Terra Nova Rain Roll-on 100% Perfume Essence is temporarily unavailable.

Please consider a smaller Terra Nova Rain 100% Perfume Essence Rollerball, Terra Nova Rain Cologne 2 oz. (select below), or Terra Nova Rain Body Lotion 2.25 oz. (select below).

Rain - 100% Perfume Essence or Cologne by Terra Nova
TN30092(Regular Price): $20.00Aloha Price: $15.00

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