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Question: What does the Waitlist mean?

Answer: Waitlist next to your item title means that the product is currently on backorder and is expected to ship within an approximate time frame given in an item description. The actual wait time may change as we restock on your items. You are free to make changes or cancel the order by responding to your order confirmation email or by emailing us (see Contact link below). Phone cancellations are not accepted. We highly recommend that you leave a comment during checkout about an alternate flavor or scent to speed up your order, especially for the ever popular Cook Kwee's Maui Cookies or Royal Hawaiian Perfumes.

Question: What do the right and left side of my order page mean?

Answer: If you take a look at the order page (also known as Order Confirmation link) through the link in email, the right side is your receipt. It shows the original order info with item description, pricing and whether it is waitlisted as of order date. The actual waitlist time frame may differ while the products are being restocked. The left side shows a shipping status on top and your tracking number as it becomes available. "Will ship in 24 hours" means that your parcel is about to be taken to the Post Office.

Question: How do I cancel my order?

Answer: If you wish to cancel, please respond to your order confirmation email or email us (see Contact link below) at least 24 hours before your package is shipped. The subject line must say Cancel. Phone cancellations are not accepted. Please allow five-seven business days for your refund to process and get reflected on your statement.

Question: How do I return or exchange my order or a portion of my order?

Answer: You may return your order or a certain item in its original packaging with postage prepaid to our mailing address (see Contact link below). Please package well. Keep in mind that shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. If you exchange for an item of a different value, we will adjust your order total accordingly. We ship domestic exchanges at our expense via standard mail (one exchange per order). Additional exchanges will incur shipping charges.

Question: I called and left a message. Why my call did not get picked up?

Answer: Our phone is a voice mail only at this time. Voice messages may take a while to get heard. All communication is done via email. Please email us (see Contact link to the left or at the bottom of page) for the fastest response. Or, use Facebook Messaging (find a round blue button with a white lightening on all pages). We apologize for any inconvenience.

Question: I believe that my email did not go through. What do I do?

Answer: Please resend from another address and do not attach any files. Be sure to use the email address shown on our web site or respond to your confirmation email. You may also contact us via Facebook Messenger (see a blue round button on all pages) or send a feedback by clicking an orange corner button on Contact Us page. As for our phone number, it is a voice mail only and may take a while to be heard. Email or messenger are the fastest ways of communication. Please see the bottom of your confirmation email, any other email from us or check Contact Us or Info sections ( for contact information.

Question: How do I order by snail mail? I have no Internet at home.

Answer: To mail your order, please print our Order Form. See details in Section 14 of our Important Info (Terms). We recommend that you enter an email for order updates. A friend's email will do unless you do not want to be bothered in case of a delay. Or, please provide a phone number for such situations.

Question: Can you gift wrap?

Answer: Yes, we love gift wrapping. Most of our items like perfumes and coffee come in lovely plastic gift baggies. You may also request to gift wrap your products for a flat fee or add colorful tissue paper. See the Gift Wrap option during checkout

Question: Is it possible to remove my name from the gift package to make it a surprise?

Answer: Absolutely. Please make a note in comments during checkout that you want your package to arrive as a surprise for your recipient and do not show your name on the box. Keep in mind that the order slip inside the package will not show your name either. Please be sure to notify the gift recipient about this parcel to avoid it from being rejected. Normally, we include a sender's name on the label right under or next to the recipient's name.

Question: Is it possible to mail my package in a blank or brown box? I do not want anyone to guess what is inside.

Answer: Certainly. Our packages are usually blank or may show the postal carrier logo. A box will not suggest what is inside. Please make a note during checkout if this is very important for you. The label on a package will have our company name Lanawiliama, Inc. And do not worry. We know that many guys love using heavenly island perfumes in a bathroom or before going to sleep. There is nothing wrong with that but we understand. And we fully respect your privacy. In Hawaii, some men wear tropical floral perfumes in public as if wearing a flower lei. Plumeria is the most gender neutral scent.

Question: How do I get your catalog?

Answer: We do not send catalogs at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please use Sign Up link to subscribe to our occasional newsletters or postcards. If you wish to mail your order, please print our Order Form. See details in Section 14 of our Important Info (Terms).

Question: What if my question is not answered here?

Answer: Please look at the Important Info (or Terms) section to the left (or at the bottom of your screen on a smart phone) as we covered most important and frequently asked topics there. Or, see Contact link at the bottom of most pages for our contact info. Email is preferred.

Offers and Announcements: see our Specials page.

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