Plumeria - 100% Perfume Essence by Terra Nova

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Plumeria Perfume Essence (100% Parfum) by Terra Nova

Plumeria - clean, fresh, and forever youthful lingering fragrance that greets you and follows you everywhere in Hawaii. Get it home and prolong your unforgettable vacation any time you wish.

  • Plumeria Perfume Essence by Terra Nova
  • 100% Parfum concentrate
  • Extracted from Plumeria (also known as Hawaiian Frangipani or Celadine) petals, floral essence is skillfully blended with the highest quality, natural essential perfume oils to unveil and preserve incredible scent of real Plumeria flowers.
  • Alcohol-free, this purest form of fragrance imparts the long-lasting aroma of velvety blossoms for a soft and sensuous aura.
  • Highly concentrated luxury fragrance for Goddess in you.
  • True to the blossom - no one before has captured the essence of mesmerizing, lush Plumeria lei as close to the real scent. Try for yourself and wonder how could a natural sensation of wild island tropics be delivered directly to your door in a bottle.
  • Pure, long-lasting perfume.
  • Gentle, slightly sweet and clean exotic floral scent.
  • This comforting, fresh and inspiring fragrance will make you feel good about yourself bringing memories of the ocean breeze, bright sun, blue summer sky and unexplainable giggling.
  • Aroma of happiness and inner peace.
  • Healthy and natural body product - safe for mixing with your body lotions and moisturizers or adding into your hot tub.
  • Ingredients: precious perfume oils
  • Absence of alcohol allows you enjoy passionate & gorgeous fragrance for approximately eight hours with only one touch on your wrist, behind your neck, behind your ears or right under your knee (the key rule is to apply it on a pulse point).
  • Elegant glass bottle with tight goldtone cap and beautiful writing.
  • Comes in a beautiful gift bag, island style.
  • Net Weight: 0.4 fl.oz.
  • Manufacturer: Terra Nova (famous for using only the best and natural ingredients in its truly extraordinary bath and body products)
  • Genuine, fresh Terra Nova product, guaranteed (we are one of a few officially authorized retailers for Terra Nova's high-end luxury line)
  • Regular Price: $23.00
  • Aloha Price: $19.99
Absolutely essential item for your own island tranquility to provide a unique tropical enjoyment. Plumeria scent will enhance your mood and help achieve a deep relaxation. Powerful yet rare aromatherapy fragrance. A highly desirable gift for anyone on your list.

"The fragrant embrace of Plumeria, its blossoms as brilliant as the new moon, is said to capture the soul and enhance the natural beauty and radiance of those it adorns. The aura of paradise."

Plumeria is also known as Hawaiian Frangipani or Celadine (Celadon) tree. Its gorgeous white, yellow or pink flowers consisting of five beautiful, solid petals are greatly adored in Hawaii. It is nearly impossible to pass by Plumeria tree without being enveloped into unforgettable, playful scent of Plumeria paradise.

For a fragrant bath lover, add a couple drops of Plumeria Perfume Essence into water and indulge sensational luxury of unforgettable island spa and naturally soothing, head-spinning aroma of sweetest dreams. Or, mix a few drops of Terra Nova Perfume Essence into your favorite body moisturizer for a long-lasting, complimentary veil of exotic fragrance.

Island Escapes. Pure luxury perfumes by TerraNova, renown manufacturer of natural bath & body products.

Note: This incredible perfume essence of the islands comes with Hawai'i postcard. For a very special personal touch, you may enter a free gift message in Comments field during checkout to get it handwritten on a card.

Order processing time: Ships in two weeks.

Plumeria - 100% Perfume Essence by Terra Nova
TP29092(Regular Price): $23.00Aloha Price: $19.99

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