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Nesting Dolls - Hawaiian Pineapple Family - 3-piece Matryoshka

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Nesting Dolls - Hawaiian Pineapple Family - 3-piece Matryoshka

With Love from Russia.

  • Nesting Dolls - Hawaiian Pineapple Family - 3-piece Matryoshka (discontinued, the last set available in this design)
  • Three pineapple figures nesting one inside another
  • The word "Pineapples" is painted at the bottom of the first figure. And the word "Hawaii" is proudly displayed on a blue visor of the third pineapple.
  • Polished Lime tree wood
  • Please click the image above for a larger view
  • Dolls appearance may vary slightly from the displayed image since each doll is uniquely crafted and hand painted by the professional Russian Artist.
  • Height of the biggest doll: 4.75 inches
  • Height of the smallest doll: 2.5 inches
  • Exclusively signed by the Artist at the bottom of the first doll
  • Each doll is handmade in exquisite detail and is unique
  • Museum quality doll collection
  • Designed in Hawaii and made in Russia
  • Distributed by Universal Artists (MiliMili Dolls Collection)
  • Item #: d404
  • Aloha Price: $59.95
The style of doll making you see on this web site is called Russian Matryoshka; hand-painted wooden dolls nestled or fitting into one another that is a symbol of Russian Folk Art. The first doll was purportedly first fashioned after a Japanese doll showing a sage by the name of Fukuruma. Some Japanese have claimed that a Russian Monk created the first doll.

Lime trees, known for its flowers from which honey with healing properties is obtained, are used to make Matryoshkas. Turning operations rely on intuition and great skill rather than exact measurements. After the hand-turning work is done, the dolls are cleaned, primed with starchy glue, polished, and painted. Then they are set out to dry for a few days and then given several coats of lacquer to give these dolls their brilliant shine. The largest doll in each set is signed by the Artist in Moscow.

These unique dolls from Russia are known throughout the world and are now designed in Hawaii to depict designs expressive of Hawaii and the cultures that influence the islands, as Hawaii continue to be the melting pot of the Pacific.

Gift wrapped. Comes with Hawai'i post card. Please enter a gift message in the Comments field during checkout.

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Nesting Dolls - Hawaiian Pineapple Family - 3-piece Matryoshka
d404(Regular Price): $75.00Aloha Price: $59.95

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