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Pikake Cologne by Royal Hawaiian Perfumes

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Pikake Cologne Mist by Royal Hawaiian

Aloha from Hawaii!

"Pikake, better known as the "Hawaiian Wedding Flower" symbolizes eternal love and aloha. "Pikake" is the Hawaiian word for peacock, named by Princess Kaiulani because of her fondness for the grace and beauty of the royal bird.

Pikake perfume captures the delicate and alluring scent of the royal flower of love. Pikake is truly a gift of love".
  • Royal Hawaiian Pikake Cologne Mist
  • "Pikake is a small delicate white flower, often used in leis. Royal Hawaiian Pikake is a delicate, sensuous scent."
  • Enticingly subtle, this Pikake-infused spray cologne captures the essence of island femininity.
  • Hawaii's unique fragrance combining together the sun, breeze, energy, love, and happiness.
  • Dreamily tender, beckoning, tickling and head-spinning sweet at the same time.
  • Just as gorgeous as Pikake flower itself.
  • Comes in a tall glass bottle with gold-tone cap.
  • Packaged into beautifully designed carton box.
  • Recommended for ladies.
  • Manufacturer: Royal Hawaiian Perfumes
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Net Weight: 1.6 fl. oz. (47 ml)
  • Item #: P71501
  • Regular Price: $17.00
  • Aloha Price: $16.90
Comes with Hawai'i post card and your gift message handwritten.

Order Processing Time: Waitlist ships in four weeks (July update). Possibly discontinued.

[misspelled: pikak, pekak, pikaki, pekake, pekaki, pekacki, pikace, peackacki, peakake, peakaki, peokaki, piokake, pecocky, pecoke, picoki, pikike]

Pikake Cologne by Royal Hawaiian Perfumes
P71501(Regular Price): $17.00Aloha Price: $16.90

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