Pikake Botanical Water Mist - Terra Nova

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Terra Nova Botanical Water Mist - Pikake. Refresh and soften your skin and scent your hair with heavenly scent of Pikake wedding flower.

Luxury fragrant body care product with precious natural ingredients. Contains no irritating alcohol. Great for people on the go. Be prepared for island compliments you deserve. Boxed.

  • Pikake Botanical Water Mist by Terra Nova.
  • "Precious Pikake blossoms gently scent this body spritz that freshens and softens with restorative tropical botanicals of peony and lotus."
  • Alcohol-free.
  • Contains luxury natural ingredients.
  • Hawaii's unique fragrance that combines together the sun, breeze, energy, love, and happiness.
  • Dreamily tender and head-spinning sweet aroma of romance.
  • Pikake is Hawaii's beloved wedding flower deeply cherished for generations and often requested for island-style romantic events. This is the fragrance that makes your Hawai'i experience so unforgettable.
  • Beautiful tall bottle with gold-tone pump spray and clear cap.
  • Unboxed for updated design.
  • Recommended for ladies.
  • Category: Pikake island fragrance, Exotic tropical florals, Sweet scents
  • Manufacturer: Terra Nova
  • Net Weight: 4.25 fl. oz.
  • Item #: TM27704
  • Price: $18.00 ($25.00 retail value)
"The fragrant flower of romance, honors Kaiulani, the beloved last princess of Hawaii, who filled her lush gardens with these precious jasmine blossoms. To this day, Pikake leis are worn in the islands for special celebrations of love. Aloha from paradise."

Note: The Water Mist packaging has been changed. The bottle is now unboxed as compared to the photo above and has a product tag attached on a golden string. The sprayer is improved, so the white protective cap is no longer provided. You may transfer some of the mist into any small sprayer bottle you have for a convenient scent refreshment on the go. Gift wrapped. Comes with Hawai'i post card. Please enter a gift message in Comments field during checkout.

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Pikake Botanical Water Mist - Terra Nova
TM27704(Regular Price): $18.00Aloha Price: $16.95

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