Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

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Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

This unique yet sophisticated floral scent will brighten your day and uplift your spirit almost instantly. Pikake is well known as an island happiness flower that makes many people feel happier when smelling it. Mixed with proprietary additional notes, Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne is impossible to forget. It's like magic in a bottle. What a better way to remember and wear your Hawaii vacation mood all year around after your favorite flower leis have faded.

Most people associate certain pleasant events with fragrances or particular songs. Make someone remember you for a long time by this unusual, joyful, passionate and comforting scent that will not be anything common worn by most other ladies.

  • Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii
  • Sweet, elegant and passionate scent of island wedding flower, Pikake, will brighten up your day filling it with wonderful memories of Hawai'i.
  • This unforgettable, exotic scent will have heads turning.
  • Pikake is considered a proven mood booster and is a flower that ancient Hawaiians long associated with a true love and an unbreakable marital union of a young couple that fell for each other to create a family.
  • Beautiful Pikake notes are favored by many designers to add into most luxuriuos perfumes for a touch of joyful, freshly sweet youth while maintaining a soft elegance and a grown-up sophistication.
  • Net Weight: 1.2 oz. / 36 ml - top photo (or 2 oz. / 59 ml as shown to the left)
  • Manufacturer: Perfumes of Hawaii (Langer)
  • Item #: P55041
  • Price: $39.00 (or $42.00 for 2 fl. oz., select below)
Although widely used in upscale perfumery, Pikake is something precious, very unusual and not easily recognizable when worn by itself. It is especially pleasant and unusual in this Hawaiian Pikake interpretation by Perfumes of Hawaii. As if you had a custom fragrance created just for you. People will keep asking who is smelling so nicely. Just as modest white flowers on lush green bushes that you see everywhere around the islands and probably pass by without noticing, a tropical breeze takes aromatic, difficult not to notice waves of this amazing fragrance far around enveloping you in an instant warmth and comfort making you look around in awe for what is it or who is it that smells so good and inviting.

Pikake is the fragrance that makes you want a hug and makes you give genuine hugs to people. Did you know that according to psychologists, each of us needs at least seven hugs every day to stay healthy on many levels? For this reason alone, wear a magical Pikake perfume, get ready to accept hugs and keep a wonderful vacation mood as if you have never left the islands.

One of our great friends have admitted that on the coldest winter evenings, he sprays Pikake perfume on himself in a hot bath tub, closes his eyes and dreams in a complete relaxation. He allows himself to shed some happy tears of beautiful memories he has of Hawaii imagining himself back on a sandy beach with a sand tickling his toes, a mighty, greenish ocean whispering its songs and kissing the shores. If this scent has such an incredible emotional impact on an adult man, just imagine what it could do to your own wellbeing, an ability to shake the day off, wash away any misunderstandings, accept our differences and bring about some joy, good vibes and happy times. It's truly a fragrance of love, pleasure, indulgence, closeness, touching, emotional support, peace of mind and inspiration. And you deserve it all, too, no matter what kind of weather is outside your window at the moment.

Ask yourself whether a certain moment that might have worried you is really worth it and what would it feel like many months or years from now. Believe it or not, an apparent significance or sharpness of that event will vanish leaving a very faint memory if any at all. Take it into a perspective and allow yourself to feel happy. It's not people or things that make us feel happy. It is us, our own inner ability to feel peaceful, generate love, joy and accept ourselves and others.

Cultivate your inner happiness and it will be unshaken under any circumstances. Allow yourself to remember who you really are and how unique you are, no matter what. There is no way for all of us to conform to the same standards and the same expectations. We all are different and we are human. Stop beating yourself up on something that might have appeared better, nicer or more significant in someone else's life. It might be only a wrapper, an image you are allowed to see and admire. You would not be allowed to see what is under that wrapper, whether there is happiness in there, or not really. Instead, take your energy into shaping your own life and making your own dreams come true the very unique way as it meant to be. Meant for you and tailored to you, not because it is merely expected of you. Expected by others and possibly unnecessary in some other society or during some different time in history.

Conforming to society's examples or someone else's expectations might make others jealous of you but that is all. Most likely, it will not make you happy about yourself because you will be expected of achieving the next step right away, then another one and so on. Those steps will be towards achieving someone else's dreams, not your own. A society will never be satisfied demanding more and more of you. It might become an endless race, most likely away from what you really want in life. Shape it your own way to conform to your own expectations and be comfortable with your own abilities.

Set your own rhythm. Celebrate your own little victories, every day. Praise and indulge yourself for every little step, for every delicious meal and for every beautiful day. It will make you feel appreciated by your own self and capable of being grateful for the life you have been given. You will be able to show others what it feels like to be yourself and move towards your own dreams. Everything else comes in addition to it, to assist you in achieving an ultimate inner happiness, love and peace of mind. For instance, a single mom might be beating herself up for not having enough time to go to school or make a career jump while, in opinion of many others people, she might be the best mom and daughter ever. But, she might have labeled herself as an under-achiever and stopped celebrating who she really is, stopped believeing in her own unique path and beautiful opportunities ahead. All she needs is to stop and to smell the roses realizing what she has really achieved in life may be so much more than anyone else around. She may finally see others applauding her and admiring her abilities. All she might need is to look in a different direction at herself, from a different perspective. Others could tell you every second how amazing you are. But, you will never believe it until you start telling it to yourself, actually feel it and appreciate it. This is where simple, meaningful, little gifts to yourself come helpful. Show yourself some love. Others will notice and will follow your lead.

Hawaiian Pikake by Perfumes of Hawaii is more intense as compared to most other Pikake scents in our store. It has a medium or even higher sillage (a range of fragrance trail) depending on humidity and a good longevity (staying power on your skin). Sillage is what makes this scent wearable for men as well as women while the scent is more sweet and feminine overall.

A great option for layering to improve another fragrance, especially with citrus, floral or musky notes. Spray just a bit of Hawaiian Pikake cologne into your lightly scented or unscented body lotion or hair conditioner for a nice veil of unbelievable sophistication that will linger. Play around with your scents and mix them up to add a touch of the tropics and enhance your one-of-a-kind personality with something unexpected.

Note: We cannot ship perfume internationally. Perfume box and bottle designs were changed by Perfumes of Hawaii as compared to the images on this page. Boxes are now beautifully embossed with slightly raised printed flowers and have a glossy finish. Bottles are elegantly rectangular while appearing tall, slim and sexy topped with shiny gold-tone caps. This incredible Hawaiian Pikake cologne is such a giftable item with a very attractive presentation. This unforgettable, softly sweet yet fresh Pikake fragrance comes with Hawai'i postcard. For a very special personal touch, you may enter a free gift message in Comments field during checkout to get it handwritten on a card. Gift wrapped.

Order Processing Time: Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne has to be special ordered (backorder). Possibly discontinued. Ships in about three weeks (October update). Price due to scarcity.

Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

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