Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

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Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

This unique yet sophisticated floral scent will brighten your day and uplift your spirit almost instantly. Pikake is well known as an island happiness flower that makes many people feel happier when smelling it. Mixed with proprietary additional notes, Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne is impossible to forget. It's like magic in a bottle. What a better way to remember and wear your Hawaii vacation mood all year around after your favorite flower leis have faded.

Most people associate certain pleasant events with fragrances or particular songs. Make someone remember you for a long time by this unusual, joyful, passionate and comforting scent that will not be anything common worn by most other ladies.

  • Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii
  • Sweet, elegant and passionate scent of island wedding flower, Pikake, will brighten up your day filling it with wonderful memories of Hawai'i.
  • Net Weight: 1.2 oz. / 36 ml - top photo (or 2 oz. / 59 ml as shown to the left)
  • Manufacturer: Perfumes of Hawaii (Langer)
  • Item #: P55041
  • Price: $24.00 (or $27.00 for 2 fl. oz., select below)
Hawaiian Pikake by Perfumes of Hawaii is more intense as compared to most other Pikake scents in our store. It has a medium or even higher sillage (a range of fragrance trail) depending on humidity and a good longevity (staying power on your skin). Sillage is what makes this scent wearable for men as well as women while the scent is more sweet and feminine overall.

A great option for layering to improve another fragrance, especially with citrus, floral or musky notes. Spray just a bit of Hawaiian Pikake cologne into your lightly scented or unscented body lotion or hair conditioner for a nice veil of unbelievable sophistication that will linger. Play around with your scents and mix them up to add a touch of the tropics and enhance your one-of-a-kind personality with something unexpected.

Note: Perfume box and bottle designs were changed by Perfumes of Hawaii as compared to the images on this page. Boxes are now beautifully embossed with slightly raised printed flowers and have a glossy finish. Bottles are elegantly rectangular while appearing tall, slim and sexy topped with shiny gold-tone caps. This incredible Hawaiian Pikake cologne is such a giftable item with a very attractive presentation.

Order Processing Time: This Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne has to be special ordered. Ships in three weeks.

Hawaiian Pikake Mist Cologne by Perfumes of Hawaii

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