Premium Deluxe Wholes Covered in Milk Chocolate - Mauna Loa

More Hawaiian Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts.

Premium Deluxe Wholes Covered in Milk Chocolate - Mauna Loa

"Taste of the tropics".
  • Premium Deluxe Wholes - Whole Macadamia Nuts Covered in Milk Chocolate - Mauna Loa
  • Best of the best, largest hand-picked whole macadamia nuts generously covered in flavorful, delicious layers of Hawaii's famous milk chocolate.
  • Crunchy, roasted whole macadamia nut is covered in silky, smooth Milk chocolate heaven for each of the 24 pieces.
  • Healthy and energizing local gift will give you a perfect, delightful kick of paradise nutrition for the entire day.
  • One of the most popular island treats.
  • Great value and generous quantity.
  • Shrink-wrapped.
  • Freshness guaranteed.
  • Net Weight: 8 oz. (226 g) - 24 pieces per box
  • Manufacturer: Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Item #: CH650211
  • Regular Price: $13.00
  • Aloha Price: $10.97
"Since the first macadamia tree was planted in 1946 on the Big Island of Hawaii, macadamia nuts have been used to create a delectable assortment of the finest products. Great tasting Mauna Loa macadamia nuts and treats meet the highest standards of quality and excellence. Perfect for gift-giving, special occasions or an everyday treat!

Mahalo (Thank You) for buying Mauna Loa products".

Comes with a beautiful Hawai'i post card and your gift message.

Note: For warm weather seasons, warm weather states and shipments to RI, please select 2nd Day Air or Express shipping option for all chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Limit 12 boxes per customer in one order. You may place additional orders.

Order Processing Time: Ships in two weeks.

Premium Deluxe Wholes Covered in Milk Chocolate - Mauna Loa
CH65018(Regular Price): $13.00Aloha Price: $10.97

Mauna Loa Premium Deluxe Wholes Covered in Milk Chocolate (shown above): milk chocolate (sugar; milk; cocoa butter; chocolate; lactose (milk); nonfat milk; soy lecithin; milk fat; PGPR, emulsifier; vanillin, artificial flavor); macadamia nuts.
Serving size: 4 pieces (40 g)
Servings per container about 6

Mauna Loa Premium Deluxe Wholes Covered in Dark Chocolate (not currently available): semi-sweet chocolate (sugar; chocolate; cocoa butter; milk fat; soy lecithin; vanillin, artificial flavor; milk); macadamia nuts.

Note: Ingredients and product details printed on a box may change at manufacturer's discretion and not be reflected on this page.

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