Maile Spray Cologne for Men by Langer

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Maile Spray Cologne for Men

  • Masculine and adventurous scent of maile lei with a hint of musk and mysterious woody notes discovered deep in lush Hawaiian jungle.
  • Recommended for men
  • Comes in stylish rectangular glass bottle with gold tone cap, packaged in a dark-green box with white writing
  • Manufacturer: Langer Hawaii Corporation
  • Net Weight: 2 fl. oz./59 ml
  • Price: $35.00

"From deep in the shady mountain forests of the Islands, Hawaiians have gathered the maile (My-lee) vines for centuries, using the dark-green leaves for leis and decoration. Today, from long tradition, maile is worn on the most festive of occasions. To be presented with a lei of maile leaves is to be shown singular honor and respect.

As in the ancient times, maile is still highly-prized for its unique and subtle fragrance."

Price due to rarity.

Sold Out and discontinued. The closest but not the same island scent we recommend is Kane Cologne by Royal Hawaiian.

Maile Spray Cologne for Men by Langer

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