Instant 100% Kona Coffee or Ice Coffee by Mulvadi - Hawaii Selection

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Instant 100% Kona Coffee or Iced Coffee - Hawaii Selection

The best instant coffee online is 100% pure Kona coffee that tastes as a real instant gourmet coffee should. Produced using a unique freeze dry method, our 100% Kona instant coffee is the same full-body flavor as gourmet Kona coffee. Why settle for less?
  • Instant 100% Kona Coffee or Ice Coffee 100% Kona - Hawaii Selection
  • Freeze Dried or Evaporated (powdered for iced coffee making) Instant Kona Coffee - select below.
  • Premium 100% Kona coffee.
  • Gourmet roast.
  • Uniquely tasting, Hawaii's Kona-district grown coffee is now offered in an instant coffee form.
  • Enjoy the excellence of 100% Kona coffee or instant iced coffee and experience its famous flavor without brewing, literally within a minute!
  • Take the most energizing, powerful and great tasting instant Kona coffee anywhere you go.
  • Directions: Use 1-2 teaspoons per cup of hot water and stir. If using cold or iced water, the Ice Coffee powder (select below) will dissolve a lot easier.
  • 100% Kona instant coffee is made of precious, freeze dried Kona grown coffee beans.
  • Ice Coffee 100% Kona is made of Kona grown coffee beans using an evaporation method that preserves precious qualities and unique, volcanic-soil-grown nutrients of 100% Kona coffee beans, powdered for an easier use with iced water.
  • 100% Kona Instant Coffee option comes in small chunks of powdered coffee while the Ice Coffee 100% Kona comes in a powder form.
  • Comes in a stylish glass jar with gold-tone lid.
  • Factory sealed.
  • USA Original.
  • Net Weight: 1.5 oz. (42.52 g)
  • Manufacturer: Hawaii Selection
  • Item #: K11710
  • Regular Price: $15.99
  • Aloha Price: $15.59
Exclusive, extremely rare and limited to high-end luxury hotels instant 100% Kona coffee.
  • Coffee is a powerful antioxidant. The one grown on volcanic island slopes of Kona is even more beneficial, with moderate use.

    Note: This product is identical to 100% Instant Kona Coffee by Mulvadi.

    To preserve freshness, store tightly closed in a cool, dark place. If left opened or damp, it will still be usable but may harden and become difficult to scoop. Keep dry.

    Try using an Instant Iced Kona Coffee to enhance flavor of your summer cocktail drinks, especially if you love adding Kahlua. Or, add a generous amount into whipped cream, yogurt or sour cream to top your cakes and brownies. Sprinkle some on top of your cakes or pastries for decoration. Add some into pancake and crepe mix to enhance the flavor of your creations. If baking chocolate, try adding some coffee into your mix for a hint of an unusual, pleasant aroma and a touch of a unique, signature flavor that is difficult to put a finger on. It will make your own end-product stand out from anything else. Or, try adding some into your favorite tea, milk, cocoa drinks, hot chocolate, protein drink and even plain yogurt. If you are ready for an adventure, sprinkle some instant Kona Coffee on top of beef while cooking it or go slightly wild by adding a spoon of peanut butter into your chicken dishes as well.

    If skin care is your virtue, add a bit of powdered, super potent 100% Kona Ice Coffee into your favorite eye cream and mix well. Apply to reduce under-eye puffiness and/or circles. Store your eye cream in a fridge and use in the morning. Wash it off before applying makeup to prevent your eyeliner from traveling into lines. We love dabbing some cooled Kona coffee using a pinkie finger and a very gentle touch, just under an eye area in the mornings for that fresh, awaken, dewy-skin look. Coffee is a known, highly effective ingredient in some well-regarded eye care, skin care, hair and bath products.

    Warning for skincare use: As with most eye creams and makeup, use caution and avoid applying it too close to your eyes or getting it into eyes. Finely powdered instant coffee is pure, fine and completely dry in an evaporated form but is not claimed to be sterile for a sensitive eye area and may irritate it if not fully dissolved or if you are sensitive to any cream ingredients. Using a UV sterilizing device may help in this regard if you follow the instructions. Do not use a self-made coffee cream on damaged or irritated skin. Thoroughly clean and disinfect any jars and spatulas designated for cream making as well as your work area and your hands. As with any powders, minerals, spices and flour, wear a mask while mixing and avoid inhaling directly or getting instant coffee into your lungs otherwise. It may be a chocking hazard. If a child is near, put a mask on him or her to prevent an accidental inhaling, and be sure to supervise. Do not re-dip any damp or used spoons, spatulas or brushes directly into a powdered coffee jar designated for your face care. Rather dispense some on a small, clean plate on into a palm of your cleaned hand. As usual, test your cream on a small area inside your elbow for any signs of redness or irritation first. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any irritation appears.

    Add some Instant Kona Coffee into your foundation or moisturizer, mix and apply as usual for a beautiful, lightly sunkissed glow. A chunkier, Instant 100% Kona Coffee or even ground coffee will become an excellent, nutritious ingredient for your body scrub to use in a shower, as well. For an absolutely luxurious, full-of-antioxidants treatment, add a couple of teaspoons of instant Kona Coffee into your bubble bath, mix and indulge taking a revitalizing, skin-firming youth bath worthy of Cleopatra. Try mixing just a small pinch on a palm of your hand or on a plastic plate first, to test texture, color intensity and a possible skin sensitivity.

    Gift wrapped. Comes with a classy Hawaiian postcard and your gift message handwritten.

    Order Processing Time: Ships in about four weeks. Please note that most food items are on backorder at the moment.

    Instant 100% Kona Coffee or Ice Coffee - Hawaii Selection
    K11710(Regular Price): $15.99Aloha Price: $15.59

  • Ingredients:100% Kona-grown coffee.

    To be named Kona coffee and obtain truly unforgettable flavor and aroma it became famous for, coffee beans (Coffea arabica) must be grown exclusively in Kona districts of the Big Island called Hawai`i. This makes pure Kona coffee treasured and much sought for. Coffee beans grown in any other district of Hawai`i cannot be considered Kona due to distinguishable climate conditions. Despite this internal classification, any kind of Hawaiian coffee is exceptionally unique and distinguishable as compared to all other coffees in the world.

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