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Coffee by Hawaii Coffee Roasters

More Coffee from Hawaii.

Coffee by Hawaii Coffee Roasters

  • Coffee by Hawaii Coffee Roasters
  • All purpose grind.
  • Gourmet Hawaiian blend.
  • Premium quality.
  • Once you try this coffee by Hawaii Coffee Roasters, you will never forget its special, exclusive flavors that spread far beyond your kitchen or office in delicious waves of bliss and aroma. Our absolute favorite here, at Aloha Dream Kitchen place :)
  • Available Roasts:
    - Chocolate Macadamia
    - Chocolate Coconut - Delectable chocolate flavor with a hint of roasted coconut, superior flavored coffee
    - Vanilla Macadamia
    - Macadamia Nut Brittle
    - Tropical Hazelnut
    - Mountain Roast
    - Kona Mountain Dark Roast - Rich, dark roast
    - Upcountry Morning Blend
  • Roasted and packaged by Hawaii Coffee Roasters Company.
  • Directions: For each cup, use two level tsps. and six oz. of cold water. Once brewed, romove coffee grounds to prevent bitterness. Relax and enjoy the unique flavor of this great testing coffee.
  • Net Weight: 7 oz. (198 g)
  • Item #: c88703
  • Regular Price: $14.00
  • Aloha Price: $12.59
"At Hawaii Coffee Roasters, we are proud to call these islands home. We've taken the best coffees Hawaii has to offer and put them in every bag. Our blends are carefully selected by our roastmaster and roasted to their peak flavor and aroma to be enjoyed by visitors and kamaainas [locals] alike".

Note: Packaging design for Hawaii Coffee Roasters was changed as compared to an image above. New design depicts a beautiful Hawaiian lady with a bright red hibiscus flower in her hair. It is a gorgeous picture on a glossy dark-brown background.

Gift wrapped. Comes with a beautiful island postcard and your gift message handwritten.

Order Processing Time: Ships in five-seven business days.

Coffee by Hawaii Coffee Roasters
c88703(Regular Price): $14.00Aloha Price: $12.59

Ingredients:Arabica coffee (proudly roasted in Hawaii). Flavored coffees may also contain natural and artificial flavors.

Reusable K-pod Instructions

Using a reusable k-pod with a paper filter or mesh filter (one serving):

1. Insert a paper filter into a reusable k-pod (we use a stainless k-pod with a thin silicone seal attached under the lid) and gently fold filter edges inwards if they are coming out too much. This will allow for a good seal. Do not push the paper filter all the way into the k-pod, you'll do it later. Place the reusable k-pod into your coffee machine, but leave the lid handing opened for now. It's your easy k-pod holder to have both hands free and add coffee into the filter easier. You can take the k-pod out for filter adjustement if needed.

2. Add two and a half tea spoons of ground coffee and gently push the paper filter into the bottom of your reusable k-pod using a tea spoon.

3. Firmly close the lid of reusable k-pod and insert into your coffee maker. Make sure the filter edges or coffee grinds do not prevent the k-pod lid from closing well. If that happens, carefully fold the filter edges inside the k-pod and/or remove some excess coffee. Pushing the bottom center of paper filter in with a tea spoon one more time may help as well. Avoid getting your filter in too crooked. Be sure that all coffee grinds are held inside the paper filter and not above the edges. It may take a couple cups to practice your skills.

4. For a stronger flavor, add a mimimally allowed amount of water into a water reservoir of your coffee maker (the smallest is usually 6 oz.). Or, add a bit more of ground coffee not to exceed three tea spoons total to prevent overflow of coffee grouds into your coffee cup. For the best result, start with a medium or dark roast and experiment with adding different roasts and flavored coffees. 100% Kona coffee would provide the>richest flavor and a great base for mixing with a flavored Kona coffee.

5. Brew as usual.

6. Sweeten if desired or add a few flavor enhancing drops like Stevia flavored drops. Or, add a bit of our Aloha Sunset Instant Iced Tea powder to add a burst of instant island flavor and make it extraordinary when mixed with most coffee flavors (a perfect addition if you love a slightly acidic coffee flavor like Americano).

7. To make iced coffee, add some cubes of ice into your hot or cold coffee.

8. Enjoy your cup of one of the best flavored Hawaiian coffees!
You may get some comments from peopel around asking whose coffee smells so delectable. Someone may even offer to trade your cup with them.

Tip: If your work place has a k-type coffee maker, fill your reusable k-pod with Hawaiian coffee at home, close the lid firmly and tightly wrap your reusable k-pod into a food wrap to have it ready in seconds once you arrive to work.

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