Ukraine Happy Birthday Postcard

Ukraine post card - Happy Birthday!

Glossy, bright, beautiful postcard from Ukraine. Vintage - print year ranges between 1990 - 2003 but is not always shown on the cards.

The postcards are normally blank at the back containing bar code only or a space for postage and address. Write your message, place the card into envelope and mail it anywhere in the world. We would not recommend attaching stamps directly to the card unless mailing in Ukraine.

  • Ukraine post card - Happy Birthday! (З Днем Народження!)
  • Comes in blank white envelope.

  • Happy Birthday (З Днем Народження!) #1:

  • Happy Birthday #2:

  • Happy Birthday #3:

  • Happy Birthday #4:

  • Happy Birthday #5:

  • Happy Birthday #6:

  • Publisher: Taki Spravy, BMT, or Flamingo
  • Printed in Ukraine
  • Size: 6" x 4.25"
  • Item #: uacard1
  • Price: $3.00
Note: Please enter a short gift message (up to 20 words) in the Comments field during Checkout. This message will be hand-written on the card. Otherwise, the card will arrive blank.

You may request to translate your message into Ukrainian or Russian language at no additional cost (optional). If the message is too long to fit on the card, it will arrive as a letter with your name at the bottom in addition to the card. $15 translation fee per 100 words applies to a letter. Please note that your card may arrive separately from your order unless you are purchasing coffee, island snacks, perfumes, macadamia nuts, chocolate, calendars, jewelry, or nesting dolls.

Order Processing Time: Ships within two weeks. Additional time is needed if translation of a long letter is requested.

Ukraine Happy Birthday Postcard - Z Dnem Narodzhennya!

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