Duncan Staycool Pot Holder Round Double Sided BBQ Trivet

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"Changing the Way Our World Cooks."

As seen on TV and in Oprah's O magazine (May 2005 issue, p. 380).
Handy, flexible and comfortable to use. Fun and colorful, they will for sure become your new favorites. Just try these amazing Pot Holders and say goodbye to your old cotton mats.

Protect your hands with these revolutionary Duncan's Euro Design Round Hot Pads - from the famous Kitchen Grips manufacturer! Made with same revolutionary technology used in Duncan Kitchen Grips.

You are purchasing two Round Staycool Pot Holders in one set (Duncan's Hot Pads) - each has a thong for easy hanging in your kitchen.

  • Staycool Euro Pot Holders Trivets by Duncan's Kitchen Grip - also known as Duncan Hot Pads.
  • Set of two.
  • Choice of round or square shape.
  • Intended for temporary grabbing of hot cookware and moving it around or placing hot pots on them to protect your countertops.
  • The new standard for kitchen safety and confidence.
  • Unique, Hi-Tech Material repels water and stains. Duncan's Euro Design Hot Pads are made of the same space-age material as famous Kitchen Grips.

  • Heat Resistant - Staycool Hot Pads give you amazing protection against hot and cold surfaces ranging from temperatures of 375oF to well below freezing. They block heat but still give you a great grabbing control and provide a safe surface for extremely hot pots while you are cooking indoors or outdoors. Flexible and easy to handle.
  • Stain Resistant - Staycool Pot Holders are virtually stain resistant making clean up quick and easy.

  • Water Repellent - Staycool Hot Pads' incredible material repels liquids, helping to protect your hands and prevent your countertops from a possible heat damage.

  • Non-Slip, Safer Grip - Staycool Pot Holders offer the surest grip giving you safety, confidence, and superior control of your cookware. They hold tight.

  • Ultra Thin - only 1/8", not bulky. It means a great comfort and easy grip for you.
  • Ribbed surface on one side, beautiful and slender design
  • Will Not Melt. However, exposure to the open flame may shorten the overall life of the product.
  • Available in ten colors: Charcoal Black, Spicy Red, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Stainless (trendy gray), Cabernet (brownish burgundy), Kiwi (vibrant green), Tamarillo (happy orange), Citron (beautiful yellow), and Cordon (denim blue)

    Duncan Kitchen Grips - New  Colors!

  • One Set Includes: Two round hot pads with thongs (black textured on one side for gripping hot utensils, colorful on another side). Place one pad underneath hot cookware to protect your counter. Use another one for gripping hot utensils or opening jar lids with ease.
  • Measures (round shape): 7.3" diameter (18.5 cm)
  • Cleaning: Staycool Pot Holders are top shelf dishwasher safe. Or, just place them into your clothes washer with your next load of laundry. Do not put them into the dryer. Or, hand wash them with mild soap, rinse with clean water, and dry with a towel (recommended).
  • Manufacturer: Duncan Industries USA.
  • Weight per Set: 0.3 lbs.
  • Item #: K27R
  • Price: $12.00
Note: The sets of two have sold out. Feel free to select other choices below:
- Round Double Sided BBQ Trivet (7 1/4" diameter, see image above)
- Square Trivet with Thong (not pictured).

Sold Out.

Duncan Staycool Pot Holder Round Double Sided BBQ Trivet

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